Pulse Shaper for analog Signals (PI608)

Versatile Trigger Unit

Versatile Trigger Unit converts the output signal of any sensor in to standard 5V and 12V logic signals. The implemented auto scaling mode accelerates setup time and smart processing possibilities help to handle complex input signals.


Typical Application

Below-mentioned Versatile Trigger Unit is used for diagnostics at a rotating machine. The signal of a reluctance sensor is digitized and processed. A Propper trigger signal results.

Typical Application


Unique Features

Versatile Trigger Unit combines advantages of analog and digital trigger systems. Analog triggers provide excellent timing accuracy and short latency. But signal conditioning and noise suppression possibilities are very limited.
Digital triggers offer comprehensive signal processing and effective noise suppression. But their timing accuracy is limited.
The unique design of Versatile Trigger Unit combines the advantages of analog and digital triggers. Both, excellent timing accuracy and powerful processing functions are combined in this device. With its use accuracy and measurement quality can be improved in several applications.

Nano Jitter Option


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